Adam Kinzinger Reportedly Falls for Made-Up Post Online

Trump Enemy Falls For Fake Post Online

( – Former Illinois U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger has reportedly fallen for an online hoax. On June 7th, 2023, Kinzinger shared a Truth Social post that he believed came from former President Donald Trump but was later reported to be fake. On Twitter, he Tweeted it and wrote, “OH MEADOWS TURNED,” referring to Mark Meadows, who was Chief of Staff for the 45th President. Searches later revealed that the post didn’t actually appear on the Truth Social timeline.

Kinzinger later deleted the Tweet, saying it was “possibly false” but calling it “believable” and adding that, “We will have to see if Meadows turned or not.” Meadows’ attorney has previously denied the rumor that he had accepted a plea deal in exchange for information.

This reportedly wasn’t the first time Kinzinger believed a social media post that turned out to be false. Notably, in February 2022, he retweeted a photo of what he thought was a Ukrainian pilot who purportedly had downed six Russian fighter jets, failing to realize it was a fake post with comedian Sam Hyde’s face photoshopped onto the image. Kinzinger also tweeted a photo of two children watching a Ukrainian tank roll by, with many users pointing out it was from 2016. 

Kinzinger was shunned by the Republican Party after he voted to impeach Trump in 2021, announcing he would not run for re-election in 2022. He has been a recipient of verbal attacks by Trump in the past, as well as the subject of controversy among lawmakers and the public. He was also a member of the January 6th Committee. Kinzinger started a Political Action Committee (PAC) back in 2021 to push back against Trump and his influence on the GOP.

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