Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering Running for Texas Governor

Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering Running for Texas Governor

( – A Dallas Morning News/University of Texas at Tyler poll conducted this week showed actor Matthew McConaughey pulling forward in a hypothetical gubernatorial race, leading over current Governor Greg Abbott, R-TX, as well as possible challenger and former Representative, Beto O’Rourke, D-TX, for the 2022 seat.

The Oscar-winning actor and author may be considering becoming a gubernatorial candidate, as revealed in a recent podcast. “I’m measuring it. Look, it’s going to be in some capacity,” McConaughey told Midland, the podcast hosts.

Born and raised in Texas, Matthew McConaughey is a laid-back, philosophical actor with a slow country drawl that you might recognize from movies and TV commercials. What you might not know is before he set his sights on acting in 1991, he wanted to become a lawyer. So a dub for Governor may not come as much surprise.

In addition, on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the actor would be a “formidable” opponent.

But a political role might be too stringent for McConaughey, who insists if he were to run for governor, he would have to remain a storyteller and artist first and foremost.

Nevertheless, although he alludes to the fact the position might not be a great fit to allow him the freedom to stay true to his ideals, he remains open to the idea of changing the role to fit his philosophy.

Republican strategist Karl Rove doubts McConaughey will run, but the country will have to wait and see if he throws his cowboy hat into the ring.

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