Actor Chris Noth Canceled in Hollywood Over Assault Allegations

Actor Chris Noth Canceled in Hollywood Over Assault Allegations

( – As a result of sexual assault allegations against Chris Noth, it seems Hollywood is canceling the “Sex and the City” star entirely. In December 2021, two women accused the actor of assaulting them, but he denied the allegations. In the United States, people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. However, that doesn’t seem to matter in this case.

Regardless of whether or not his accusers are telling the truth, Noth lost several parts in Hollywood without so much as a trial.

The actor was supposed to reprise his role as Mr. Big on the “Sex and the City” sequel “And Just Like That” in a dream sequence, but the producers scrapped that part of the episode. In addition, CBS dropped Noth from his role on “The Equalizer.”

The “Law and Order” star stated any encounters with women he’s had in the past have all been consensual.

Although victims of sexual assault need to speak out when the situation demands it, the justice system is flawed if accused parties pay for their crimes well before they have their day in court. Do you think preemptive canceling is the answer to accusations or does innocent until proven guilty still apply in the United States?

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