Abbott Endorses Trump For President

( – Former President Trump picked up another powerful endorsement from a Republican governor on November 19 at an event near the southern border. Governor Greg Abbott had many positive things to say about the 45th President, including his strong stance on border security and his success in keeping peace in the world during his first presidency.

Abbott blasted President Biden for his performance on those fronts, claiming that the United States has seen an “outbreak of warfare under Joe Biden.” Trump gave a short speech at the event, making sure to let Abbott know that he was going to “make the governor’s job very easy” when speaking about the massive flow of illegal immigration across the southern border into Texas.

Of the 26 Republican governors in the country, seven have already endorsed Trump as the 2024 presidential candidate. Those who have gone all in for Trump include Alaska’s Mike Dunleavy, South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, West Virginia’s Jim Justice, Mississippi’s Tate Reeves, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas.

The candidate field has grown narrower over the last month, with former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott withdrawing from the race. Their decisions came just weeks after prominent establishment-type Republicans held a retreat in Utah where they encouraged the other candidates to drop out to give one candidate a better shot at defeating Trump in the primaries. Notably, Florida governor and Republican primary presidential candidate Ron DeSantis did not attend the retreat.

Thirteen United States Senators have pledged to support Trump for the 2024 race. Kansas Senator Roger Marshall was the latest to offer his endorsement on November 20. He released a statement that called for the other candidates to drop out and get behind a Trump candidacy. He wrote about the importance of coming together to defeat President Biden and get the country back on the right track.

Trump holds a commanding lead over all other candidates. The latest polls show him up by 40 to 58 percentage points.

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