A New SHORTAGE Is Here In America – It Should Scare Us All!

A Scary Shortage Comes to Light

A Scary Shortage Comes to Light

(LibertySociety.com) – On October 25, three of the biggest pharmaceutical companies reported a shortage of amoxicillin. Physicians use the reliable antibiotic to treat certain bacterial infections in the ears, nose, and throat and treat ailments like bronchitis and pneumonia in adults and children. Considering the US is heading into cold and flu season, the news doesn’t come at a good time.

The long-standing drug comes in many forms, but the most commonly used for the pediatric population is the liquid antibiotic — where most of the shortage lies. Although the companies were not specific as to the exact problem, one pharmacy in New York was able to trace the issue to labor problems at the manufacturing level, likely overseas.

The FDA stated it was aware of the issue but remained unconcerned about an impending overall shortage, as at least one manufacturer could meet the nation’s demand for the product.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals said it’s able to fill current orders but is being careful about accepting new requests. Sandoz, another pharma company, admitted there was an increased demand for amoxicillin and is working to strengthen its supply.

Although Walgreens and CVS reported no national problems, if the issue does worsen, there are other broad-spectrum antibiotics available to treat patients.

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