40,000 Illegals Flood Democrat City, Creates Housing Crisis

(LibertySociety.com) – Illegal migrants have flooded the streets of large cities in various states across the country over the last three years. Democratic mayors and governors have claimed to support the influx to score political points against Republicans for their alleged anti-immigration stance. The endless arrivals have put a strain on city and state finances, which prompted those governors and mayors to call for federal assistance. Budget cuts to essential services have resulted in backlash from residents, and many are angry with the amount of money spent on illegal migrants instead of struggling communities.

Denver, Colorado, which touts its sanctuary city status, has seen over 40,000 illegal migrants arrive within the last year. Shelters are at capacity, and the city has failed to provide adequate housing and other services for new arrivals. Denver’s population is only 710,000, but more migrants per capita have arrived in the city than anywhere else in the country. The city recently began limiting the number of days in which illegal migrants can stay in shelters. After that, they will be put out in the street.

Dr. Steven Federico, who is a pediatrician and chief of government and community affairs at Denver Health, said that “it’s been an unheeded call” regarding who will provide healthcare to the illegal migrants but noted that hospitals have had to pick up the slack. Medical providers in Denver do not have enough staff to accommodate the increased population. Mayor Mike Johnson recently said that he believes that 10 percent of the city’s budget will be allocated to provide aid for illegal migrants.

Local business owners have taken a hit due to the large number of illegal migrants sleeping in tents nearby. Samantha Menendez, who co-owns the bar “One Shot Back,” said that hundreds of tents outside of her bar has prevented patrons from coming in the door. She said that she did not lose any business during the first three months of the tent city, but soon after, “it was pretty aggressive for the decline of business.”

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