3-Year-Old Found in Hot Car Passes Away

3-Year-Old Found in Hot Car Passes Away

Child DIES In Sweltering Heat Due To Parental Negligence – This Should Never Happen

(LibertySociety.com) – On July 11, a 3-year-old little boy in Miami, Florida, died when his parents left him in a sweltering car outside of their place of employment. Sadly, the father, Rabbi Menachem Tauber, didn’t realize his child was still inside when heading into the Lubavitch Educational Center for work that day. When someone from the school mentioned they hadn’t seen the pre-schooler all day, the man immediately rushed to the vehicle to find his son unresponsive.

Once discovered, the boy was taken to a local hospital, where officials pronounced him dead.

That morning, Tauber was supposed to drop his child off at camp, but somehow the father never carried out that responsibility.

According to people from the family’s neighborhood, the trio seemed like they were “all happy” together. Kids and Car Safety Director Amber Rollins said this type of tragedy could happen to anyone.

She also offered tips on how parents can avoid a similar incident from happening in their own lives, including always looking in the back seat before exiting, and leaving a visual reminder that you have someone else in the car. People can also instruct kids to honk the horn if they find themselves alone in a vehicle.

Regarding the recently deceased child, experts from the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office ruled his death as accidental.

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