3 Football Fans Dead After Attending Game

(LibertySociety.com) – The mysterious deaths of three Kansas City men have investigators and family members anxiously awaiting reports from the medical examiner. The men gathered at their friend Jordan Willis’s home on January 7 to watch the Kansas City Chiefs last regular season game against the Los Angeles Chargers. According to Willis, he said goodbye to the men after the game ended and went to bed. However, family members became worried when their loved ones did not come home. Their attempts to get ahold of Willis were unsuccessful. On January 9, the fiancé of one of the men went to Willis’s home and broke in after he failed to answer the door. She found one of the men’s bodies on the back porch and immediately called the police. The two other men were found dead after the police arrived.

Investigators found no sign of foul play but are determined to find out the cause of the victims’ deaths. According to a close family member of Willis, he told them that the men “froze to death” outside. He also said that he did not notice their cars still parked in front of the home over the next two days. Two weeks after Willis initially claimed that only three guests were present at the home, his attorney said that a fourth guest had also remained at the home when Willis retired to his bedroom. The man, who has not been identified, told FOX4 that Willis and the three men were still awake when he left. Willis’s attorney then changed his statement, claiming that he had misspoken and that the men left, and Willis fell asleep on the couch.

Willis has since moved out of the rental home where the deaths occurred. He also deactivated his social media accounts. Willis’s attorney told the New York Post, “There is a chance of everything,” when asked if it was possible that drugs may have been involved.

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