20,000 Patriots March on DC Over Medical Tyranny

20,000 Patriots March on DC Over Medical Tyranny

(LibertySociety.com) – On January 23, an estimated 20,000 reportedly gathered in Washington, DC, to protest vaccine mandates across the country. The Defeat the Mandates protest featured big-name speakers like Robert F. Kennedy and blasted music from the recently deceased Meat Loaf who allegedly supported the cause. The demonstration occurred because many Americans just want to “get their democracy back” and feel restrictive mandates are holding them back from living their lives in freedom.

Protesters called the widespread vaccination mandates draconian and demanded they end.

Although Kennedy likened those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine to Anne Frank and authoritarian administrations implementing restrictions to Nazi Germany, upsetting officials from the Auschwitz Memorial Museum, the overall message was about Americans retaining their rights to make personal medical decisions.

Comedian JP Sears told the crowd to be brave and preserve freedom amidst alleged tyrannical demands. Event organizer Matt Tune said the reason for the protest went far beyond mandates. He wanted to send a message about bringing all Americans “together in solidarity” regardless of political affiliation or vaccination status.

Attendees included many frontline workers, including healthcare workers, firefighters, and police officers, showing their support. Reports show a peaceful gathering, despite the large number of supporters.

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