1500 Migrants Released Into City After Processing Center Closed

(LibertySociety.com) – Yet another Biden administration-induced illegal migration issue arose in San Diego when a center housing 1,500 illegal migrants shut its doors after running out of money. The migrants were dropped off in groups at a bus stop in San Ysidro by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The center was operating in an abandoned school building. Illegal migrants were allowed to stay at the center until they were processed and released to travel to their destination of choice. According to Fox News, the center spent $1.5 million per month of the $6 million in taxpayer dollars that was allotted to operate the center.

Since October of last year, the center welcomed and processed 81,000 migrants. After the center closed, new arrivals were diverted to the San Diego airport. Jim Desmond, who serves as the San Diego County supervisor, expressed his frustration that the migrants coming into the country illegally were allowed to skip ahead of people who had followed the proper application process to enter the country legally. He said that it was a disgrace for the United States to treat immigrants this way, adding that “Border Patrol is their Uber, San Diego is their travel agent.”

A local news outlet observed a busload of hundreds of migrants arriving at the airport on February 23. Fox 5 News reported that non-profit groups were checking the illegal migrants in for their flights, while another group provided food. One migrant told Fox 5 that he had been at the airport for five days because he was unable to gain access to his Moroccan bank account. CBP transported him and a large group of illegal migrants to the airport after they were processed into the country. Desmond said that the county does not have any federally operated migrant centers but urged the government to act. He witnessed CBP dump over 100 migrants at the bus stop on February 25, noting that many were relieving themselves in the parking lot because there were no bathrooms.

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