$13 Million Spent To House Illegals Free For Two Years

(LibertySociety.com) – Citizens around the country have become frustrated and disappointed in local and state officials for putting the needs of illegal immigrants before their constituents. Such is the case in Brunswick, Maine, where residents expressed their anger at the city’s plan to construct apartment complexes to house the illegal migrants for free. The project reportedly will cost $13 million altogether. The complexes have been named the “Taj Mahal,” because apartments of equivalent size and luxury cost up to $2,300 a month for citizens.

One Maine resident felt that it was discriminatory to offer this to illegal migrants and not anyone else. He asked if it was because his skin was “too white” or if he worked “too much.” He expressed frustration that Brunswick residents would not be offered free housing before the illegal migrants. Another resident said that Maine was disregarding the needs of taxpayers in the state to cater to the illegals. She suggested that the state look into what the citizens needed and take care of that first before inviting more illegal migrants to come to live in the complexes.

Some of the buildings were completed last year, with residents moving in during December. The construction was funded by a $6 million state program initiated by MaineHousing. Former President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., recently weighed in on the matter, noting that veterans were living in the streets while illegal migrants lived in luxury for free. MaineHousing claimed that the illegal migrants would have to contribute 30 percent of their income to live in the apartments if they began working.

However, some illegal migrants have no intention of working. One Venezuelan illegal migrant TikTok user who is living in Ohio, recently made fun of immigrants who were working and paying taxes. He posted several viral videos telling his followers that he came to the United States to take a vacation and pointed out that he receives a large amount of money each month because his newborn daughter is a United States citizen.

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